The Legacy Year application is now open! *Note: There will be no Core Year in 2021. Core Year will resume in 2022.

About the Legacy Year

The Legacy Year is a one-year program designed to build upon and deepen Lifelong Fellows’ leadership and management knowledge, skills, and abilities. Much like Core Year, Legacy Year will include personal coaching, networking opportunities, and first-rate instruction from Myanmar and global executives to help them grow in professional competence and personal character.

  • Legacy Fellows will be stretched and challenged, alongside other Lifelong Fellows of different gender, ethnic, religious, age and vocational backgrounds
  • Legacy Fellows will attend three weekend-long Fellow Events in the year
  • Much instruction will be similar to the Core Year – lectures, small groups, and personal coaching. In the Legacy Year, though, a much larger portion will be virtual, through self-paced modules and assignments
  • Legacy Fellows will have substantial homework and projects in-between the three Fellow Events
  • The DeBoer Fellowship will, as always, reimburse all travel and lodging expenses of Legacy Fellows

Fellow Qualifications

Applicants must be:

  • Lifelong Fellows (LLF) of the DeBoer Fellowship
  • At least one year removed from their Core Year experience. For example, a LLF who went through the Core Year in 2020 can NOT apply for the 2021 Legacy Year class
  • Able to obtain a Pledge of Full Support from their organizations (see Organization Pledge of Full Support section for more details)
  • Able to sign a Pledge of Commitment (see DeBoer Fellow Pledge of Commitment section for more details)
  • Deeply committed to causing positive change in their workplace, community, and country
  • Demonstrate a history of service to others and a very strong work ethic
  • Passionate about learning and committed to personal growth
  • Desire to collaborate with others who have diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Able to sign the DeBoer Fellowship Code of Conduct, if they are selected for the DeBoer Legacy Year class

Application Submission Instructions

  • All responses must be in English unless otherwise noted
  • The completed application and other required materials (Supervisor Questionnaire, Video Response, and two signed Pledge forms) must ALL be included/submitted to be considered
  • Online submission: We strongly prefer you submit your application and required materials by using the online application
  • Email submission: You can submit your application via email to [email protected], but please note that your application must be submitted as a Word document (not a PDF) to be considered
  • For specific questions regarding the application, please contact Hnin Hnin Aye, DeBoer Fellowship Administrative Officer, at (95) 99785160491
  • We will send you an email confirmation for your records.  If you do not hear from our team with seven days, please email [email protected] to ensure that we received your application.