Peter Dove | Country Director

Peter Dove is the Country Director of the DeBoer Fellowship where he guides the development of instruction and provides direction and oversight to the Fellow Events. Peter is also the Director of Studies at Yangon Institute of University Studies in Myanmar. Peter is dedicated to partnering with adult learners engaged in community development. He previously co-founded Imagine Thailand, a Bangkok-based social engagement organization that trains leaders to serve Southeast Asian communities impacted by political or environmental dislocation.

Peter earned a BA from Summit Pacific College and a BA from University of British Columbia, where he specialized in English Literature and Intellectual History. He holds an MA in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary.

Kyaw Wai Yar Soe | Associate Country Director

Kyaw Wai Yar Soe is the Associate Country Director of the DeBoer Fellowship where he supports the Country Director in oversight, leadership, and monitoring of the DeBoer Fellowship. He was attending higher education in the United States when Myanmar began taking transitional steps toward reformation. Desiring to be part of the positive change through humanitarian efforts at the community level, Kyaw Wai Yar Soe moved back to Myanmar in 2011. He then joined the Norwegian Refugee Council in assisting internally displaced persons and refugees in Kayin State.

Kyaw Wai Yar Soe was part of the inaugural class of DeBoer Fellows in 2014 and has since joined the DeBoer Fellowship staff full time to advance leadership development and other resources to strengthen Myanmar for the future.

Kyaw Wai Yar Soe is completing his BA in Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change at Friends University.

Su Su Lwin | Administrator

Su Su Lwin is an Administrator with the DeBoer Fellowship. She manages day to day operations and works closely with the growing and robust group of DeBoer Fellowship Alumni. She works to provide continuing resources for the Alumni as they implement community projects, known as Go Do Good Projects. She is passionate about helping other people succeed in what they do. Su Su previously worked as a business analyst in an advertising company in Yangon, Myanmar.

Su Su received her BA in English Literature from Dagon University, and she holds a MBA from the University of Sunderland.

Fritz Kling | President

Fritz Kling is the President of DeBoer Foundation, Inc., which for over three decades has focused on offering hope, help, and growth to overlooked people and promoting leadership in Myanmar. He has over two decades of experience in nonprofit leadership.

Fritz has served as the Director of Development at the University of Richmond, where he specialized in planned giving. In 2000, he assumed leadership of a family foundation which focused on developing nations. He is a member of the Burma Donors Forum. Fritz's career has taken him to more than forty countries, and he has written and spoken widely on global trends. He has founded several Richmond charities, and serves on several charitable Boards.

Fritz earned a BA from Duke University in Political Science. He holds a JD from the University of Richmond, after which he practiced trust and estate law for a number of years.

Sandy Parr | Senior Associate

Sandy Parr is a Senior Associate with the DeBoer Foundation, Inc. Sandy’s primary responsibilities are related to the design, development and implementation of the DeBoer Fellowship. She is passionate about building a lifelong learning community that focuses on serving others. Sandy has spent the majority of her career in business development with several international corporations. She is committed to giving back in her community through service in both nonprofit and educational segments.

Sandy earned a BS in Business Administration and BS in Communications from Kansas State University.

Kyle Sherman | Senior Associate

Kyle Sherman is a Senior Associate with the DeBoer Foundation, Inc. where he helps make grants that provide innovative and life-changing solutions to people living in hard places around the world. Kyle is passionate about effective and thoughtful philanthropy, previously working as a Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy, and before that, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Kyle received a BS in Biology from Davidson College, and he holds an MPH and MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

Jena Kitchen | Associate

Jena Kitchen is an Associate with the DeBoer Foundation, Inc. where she assists in a variety of projects related to research, reporting, copyediting, and office administration. She has experience in cross-cultural contexts where she has worked to elevate the voices of historically or socially overlooked people, including at the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/Virginia Hispanic Foundation and Virginia Commonwealth University’s Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation.

Jena received her BA in Sociocultural Anthropology and BA in Global Studies: Latin American Studies from the College of William & Mary.