Growing our Team to Grow our Impact

When we began the DeBoer Fellowship in 2014, we never dreamed how much enthusiasm it would generate, and how fast it would grow.  What started as a ten-month leadership development program has become an active, country-wide community of over 150 citizen leaders who want to go do good together, long after they graduate.

To ensure that the DeBoer Fellowship best serves our Fellows, Alumni, and country in the future, we’ve recently posted an opening for a full-time, Yangon-based executive director. This is not a recent decision, but rather something that we have been anticipating for quite a while. 

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Staff Story: Learning the Legacy of Impact

The DeBoer Fellowship has always been hard for me to sum up, because words don’t seem to do it justice. There’s emotion, history, dedication, community, and hope that goes beyond a simple explanation. My experience with the DeBoer Fellowship has been two-fold. I have worked behind the scenes in the U.S. and also attended a Fellow Event in-person in Shan State, Myanmar.

Even though I worked in the United States, twelve time zones away from our colleagues and Fellows in Myanmar, I felt very much involved in the DeBoer Fellowship community. There was something engaging and contagious about receiving a word from the other side of the world.

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Alumni Perspective: A Motivated Dreamer


I am a medical doctor providing medical care and psychosocial services for the disadvantaged people and victims of sexual abuse in and outside Yangon. With local and international mental health professionals, I am trying to dispel mental health stigma by establishing community mental health centers while collaborating with government and international partners on mental health policy reform. I have served as a primary care physician for the underserved ethnic children from the armed conflict regions at a village monastic school. Their resilience, strong passion and positive outlooks helped me love who I am and embrace the experiences that shaped me.

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