My Experience with Fellow Event 2

Just like the first event, the second Fellow Event helped me a lot. There are a lot of things I learned in FE2 such as conflict transformation, managing and engaging others as well as design thinking.

I am going to apply those lessons in my daily life. It is very good that I can apply all the lessons from FE2 in my workplace. At my work, I have to manage and engage both internal and external stakeholders in order to implement the projects I am working on. I need to advocate others for the new projects. I can apply the presentation skills when I conduct the training,

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Voices from the Fundraising Planning Team

Last February, we had a Fundraising Event and it was a fantastic example of Alumni collaboration and support from others. We interviewed some of the planning team members to share their experiences with the event and the encouragement they have received through the event. Here is what they had to say:

“The philosophy of alumni supporting their brothers and sisters alumni projects creates a sense of ownership for entire alumni network. That is what inspired me to participate in this project. I helped organize regular meetings for the planning team, sold tickets, invited/communicated with alumni from different years to participate,

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My Experience with Fellow Event 1

I heard about the DeBoer Fellowship from one of my best friends who is an alum and I also learned about it on the Fellowship Website. The objectives of the DeBoer Fellowship such as Leadership for oneself, Leadership for community and the nation really attracted me to apply the Fellowship. My greatest interest area as a teacher / trainer is to help the community with the needs of educational development and knowledge improvement. I realized that I have the same goal as the Fellowship. So I felt that the Fellowship is able to help me to reach my goal. I also heard that the Fellowship is very diverse with people from different states and divisions.

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