Voices from the Fundraising Planning Team

Last February, we had a Fundraising Event and it was a fantastic example of Alumni collaboration and support from others. We interviewed some of the planning team members to share their experiences with the event and the encouragement they have received through the event. Here is what they had to say:

“The philosophy of alumni supporting their brothers and sisters alumni projects creates a sense of ownership for entire alumni network. That is what inspired me to participate in this project. I helped organize regular meetings for the planning team, sold tickets, invited/communicated with alumni from different years to participate, and was actively involved in the event encouraging the participants. I was very satisfied, happy, joyful, and inspired by the result of the event.  For next year, I hope to help more effectively in planning and coordinating the event, so that we will have better Fundraising event next year. I would like to encourage other to be involved. Small things can make a big difference. Even a small involvement like buying a ticket, informing other people, or being involved in some way. Doing it together, collectively, will make a huge difference within the alumni network and, more importantly, for the lives of the beneficiaries. – Kyaw Wai Yar Soe (2014)

“The Deboer Fellowship is a family for me and I try to be active in the Alumni Network. I believe that when Go Do Good projects are taking place in different places in the nation, we are fulling The DeBoer Fellowship’s core value, i.e. Advancement of Myanmar- helping the country. I desire that our Go Do Good projects are successful. That’s why I wanted to support this event and participated as a planning team. I helped with the event set up.  This event was very meaningful because we were trying to help Go Do Good projects and we are supporting to our friends. I was happy more than I expected and it was a successful event. I felt unity among us too. I hope that we can continue doing this kind of events and try to help each other at best. I also hope that many alumni and fellows can participate in the future events. And I hope our future projects are even better than this time. I do hope that from this experience, many of us will be inspired to do more Go Do Good projects for our communities. Whether you’re doing a big project or a small project, whether you need any help or not,  let us know what you’re doing and how you’re doing!” – Nay Nay Hlaing (2017)

“I want to see more Go Do Good projects happening in the nation and I want to strengthen alumni cooperative work. I also want to support those projects that get delayed because of the financial difficulty. That’s why I wanted to raise funds for them and decided to organize the event. I took a lot of responsibilities for this event, from getting people (both Alumni and the general public) to participate and contribute in various ways, to leading team meetings, assigning people to do different tasks and providing detailed arrangements as needed. I was really happy and very pleased with the event and satisfied with our alumni cooperative work. I hope that more alumni can participate in the next fundraising event and more people from the private sector can also participate. And I hope to see more Go Do Good projects implemented, too. This fundraising event would not have gone smoothly or reached its funding target without all of your support. Let me say a great “Thank You” to those who contributed their time, ideas and various forms of support. I here also promise to you that I will go together with all of you to do more effective and collaborative work for our people as we inherit a good leadership spirit and pass our DeBoer’s Alumni Legacy to others. I can’t do but WE CAN DO!” – Khin Lapyae Wom (2015) 


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