The DeBoer Fellowship is a pioneer in leadership development in Myanmar. The program is designed to grow competent, compassionate, and ethical leaders.


Each fall, the DeBoer Fellowship carefully selects a group of mid-career Myanmar citizen leaders for an intensive year of personal and professional development.

Our model is straightforward:

  • Three five-day Fellow Events in retreat settings with projects throughout the year
  • Interactive instruction and mentoring by Myanmar and global experts
  • Accomplished, collaborative and energetic peer cohort
  • Fully funded scholarship for all expenses related to the program
  • Access to a lifelong learning community as DeBoer Alumni

The DeBoer Fellowship is a program of the US-based DeBoer Foundation, Inc. The DeBoer Foundation is a private organization, governed by DeBoer’s Board of Directors. The DeBoer Foundation observes all laws of the United States and Myanmar. As a private, independent organization, The DeBoer Foundation, Inc. has no operational or financial ties with the Myanmar government or with blacklisted individuals. The DeBoer Foundation, Inc. does not align with religious or political groups or issues.