The DeBoer Fellowship requires all Fellows, instructors, mentors and anyone else involved with the program to affirm strong community values. For those considering partnering with or applying to the DeBoer Fellowship, you must agree to practice and live out the following values:

Integrity – We want to be known for honesty, justice, and fairness.

Service to Myanmar –We always seek to advance the progress of Myanmar and its people.

Service to others – We are dedicated to Go Do Good by helping others, particularly people without resources or access.

Diversity – We respect the dignity and value of people of different genders, ethnic groups, education levels, classes, income levels, ages, and religions.

Collaboration – We believe that the greatest lasting impact is possible when people work together, instead of alone.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Respect – We know that it will be Myanmar’s people, and not outsiders, who will improve the country’s social, economic, religious, ethnic, and political situation.

Partnership – We recognize that the DeBoer Fellowship does not claim to create leaders, but to come alongside existing leaders and help them achieve their best.