The DeBoer Fellowship is one of the premier leadership development programs in Myanmar, connecting and training highly motivated and proven change leaders from all regions of the country. The DeBoer Fellowship is a three-year program – Core Year, Legacy Year, and Distinguished Year – offering a spiral curriculum that builds on the previous year.

Fellows receive personal coaching, supportive colleagues, and first-rate instruction in leadership, management, and ethics from Myanmar and global experts. Our model combines interactive and virtual instruction, and Fellows can expect to experience new ways of learning which includes: in-person seminars, group processing, critical thinking, personal reflection, and team collaboration.

DeBoer Fellows go on to thrive and adapt within Myanmar’s dynamic environment, and positively impact others in their communities and organizations.

Core Year

The Core Year is a nine-month program intended to develop mid-career Myanmar leaders. Core Fellows attend three five-day workshops (Fellow Events) in retreat settings, with professional-development projects in between. Our Fellow Events are designed to build off of content from the previous Fellow Event. The first Fellow Event focuses on personal leadership. The second Fellow Event teaches about leading others. The third Fellow Event helps Core Fellows learn leadership strategies for their organizations. Below is a sample of the many topics covered throughout the Core Year.

  • Synergy of networking
  • Conflict transformation
  • Mentoring
  • Leading change

We will not have Core Year in 2022. 


Legacy Year

The Legacy Year is a one-year program designed to build upon leadership and management skills developed through the Core Year. Legacy Fellows will meet over three weekends and complete leadership development assignments in between. Below is a sample of the many topics covered throughout the Legacy Year.

  • Strategic planning
  • Coaching basics
  • Communication skills: receiving feedback
  • Structured problem-solving

We will not have Legacy Year in 2022. 

Distinguished Year

The Distinguished Year is a one-year program and the final year of the DeBoer Fellowship. Distinguished Fellows convene for high-impact leadership training workshops and submit professional development assignments in between. Below is a sample of the many topics covered throughout Distinguished Year.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Organizing for change
  • Systems level practices
  • Nature of leadership

We will not have Distinguished Year in 2022. 



Fellows receive supplies and technology tools to help them get the most out of their Fellowship experience.

All expenses related to the DeBoer Fellowship are covered by the DeBoer Foundation, Inc.