When asked what motivated her to do the work she does, Dr. May Zaw Naing says: “My parents set the example for us to do whatever we do based on our personal values and to put the wellbeing of others first. They taught me that our efforts will determine outcomes we achieve. They always encouraged me to reflect on my experience and taught me that how I did things would determine how I lived my life.”

Dispelling the Stigma Around Mental Illness     
In her line of work, Dr. May Zaw Naing is leading a number of efforts to dispel the stigma around mental illnesses in Myanmar all while collaborating with local and international partners on policy reform.

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Five Tips for Providing Feedback to Remote Employees

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Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world has seen unparalleled rates of remote working for many different industries. It is essential that companies adapt in order to remain viable in the market. Yet, managers and employers must also adapt their behavior for the new normal.

This Forbes Magazine article, “Five Tips for Providing Feedback to Remote Employees,” by Chuck Ainsworth explores five essential practices for managers and organizational leaders to provide feedback virtually. In order to “provide challenge and support in a way that will enhance psychological safety,

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