“Leading with Optimism” Harvard Business Review summary

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As leaders, how much should you talk about optimism or hope during times of widespread hardship? Might it appear superficial to your employees and communities?

Research done by Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan conclude that “it’s precisely in the midst of a setback or challenging time, that leaders should be actively encouraging positivity because it will help teams weather the storm.”

Working with an organization in the midst of a financial crisis, the researchers urged supervisors to incorporate gestures like increased praise and recognition,

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Summary of Successfully Transitioning To New Leadership Roles (McKinsey)

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McKinsey senior partners and authors Scott Keller and Mary Meaney offer valuable tips about leadership transitions, how organizations can support new executives, and what new leaders can do to flourish in their role. Executive transitions are risky. They can determine the direction and success of the entire organization.

New leaders receive limited support
New leaders often face incredible difficulty and limited help from their organizations. According to McKinsey, only “32% of…global leaders…feel that their organizations appropriately support new leaders.”

The most frequent attempts at assisting new executives – appointing mentors or informal networks for the leader and employing standard orientation programs – are consistently reported as ineffective by these leaders.

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Five Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change, Jim Hemerling [TED]

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In a time unlike any other that has occurred in our lifetimes, COVID-19 has brought about constant change and unknown. While organizations were familiar to change already, this period of time has brought into focus the need for transformations of companies and organizations. The DeBoer Fellowship recommends this TED Talk by Jim Hemerling, “5 ways to lead in an era of constant change” and has provided a summary of his points below.

While people may describe self-transformation with positive emotions like “empowering,

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Podcast Ep. 1 – Vision, Values, and Versatility

Listen to our first episode in the TRUSTWORTHY leadership podcast by DeBoer Fellowship. Through this podcast, we bring a collection of experts who share best practices and practical tools to help you become a more effective leader. We focus our insights for leaders in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. This is Trustworthy. This is your reliable source on leadership.

We are in a rare time in human history. With so much change and uncertainty, leaders like you must be equipped with the best leadership practices to use within your organizations and communities. On this episode, our host brings to you key insights on vision,

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Calm through crisis

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As part of our initiative, Trustworthy: Leading With Your Heart and Mind, we recommend this article, “Calm Through Crisis: How To Lead From The Front,” by Forbes Magazine contributor, Sairah Ashman. This article gives practical insights for leaders who are determined to see their organization through the other side of the COVID-19 crisis. Forbes is an American business magazine and leading source of business and financial news worldwide. Our merino wolldecke plaid friends are following the advice in this article and have been able to beat the crisis.

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