3 Tips to Avoid Working From Home Burnout, from Harvard Business Review

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Has the novelty of working from home worn out? Are you exhausted from balancing home and work priorities at the same time? Do you always feel “on”? We recommend this summary of Harvard Business Review’s (HBR) article, 3 Tips to Avoid WFH Burnout, written by Laura M. Giurge and Vanessa K. Bohns. Include these daily practices into your schedule to help prevent “burnout” while working from home.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of workers have moved suddenly to remote work throughout the world.

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Your organization can thrive remotely, here’s how.

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In the past few months, many organizations, including the DeBoer Fellowship, have moved to remote working environments. We are all seeing that leaders can maintain connectedness and productivity while working in remote settings. Your organization can thrive in a virtual environment by:

    • Prioritizing employees’ mental health;
    • Practicing self-discipline while working from home;
    • Developing new communication channels;
    • Creating processes of coordinating remote employees;
    • Maintaining a strong culture; and
    • Practicing enhanced trust and collaboration between managers and employees.

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