DeBoer Fellowship Dean To Move To Canada

In 2014, Jack and Marilyn DeBoer and Fritz Kling wondered how they might make a big difference in Myanmar – a country where they had long been involved and was rapidly changing. They created the DeBoer Fellowship to create a vibrant network of diverse, talented, mid-career leaders from around Myanmar, and to train them in international best practices.

Since then, 229 DeBoer Fellows have completed the Core year. They are now deeply connected with each other as Lifelong Fellows, and almost 80% of them remain involved with each other and the Fellowship.  Throughout Myanmar, they are known as progressive and ethical leaders who put others and their country first.

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DeBoer Fellowship Announces Its New Innovative Plan

YANGON, Myanmar, June 5, 2020

From 2014 until 2020, the DeBoer Fellowship has offered a one-year “Core” class for Myanmar’s mid-career leaders.  We have been gratified to see the program so enthusiastically received by over 250 remarkable Fellows.  We also want them to become the greatest leaders they can be, so the DeBoer Fellowship has decided to offer more advanced training.

The DeBoer Fellowship is committed to continual improvement.  We are excited about the following innovations.

  • We will launch a “Legacy” class in early 2021 – All DeBoer Fellows of 2019 or earlier will be eligible to apply to become “Legacy Fellows.”  If selected,

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Announcing “Trustworthy”

Since 2014, the DeBoer Fellowship has trained hundreds of Myanmar’s highest potential men and women to be better leaders in their workplaces, communities, and country. Those DeBoer Fellows bring great competence from their Fellowship lessons and Fellow network, as they serve and lead in each of Myanmar’s states and regions.

Now, in order to share and “scale” our best practice teachings with many more people, the DeBoer Fellowship proudly presents Trustworthy — a free, weekly posting of must-have articles, interviews, and audio and visual recordings. It will be curated by the DeBoer Fellowship.

Trustworthy will have articles and recordings in both English and Myanmar language.

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First-ever Executive Director Hired

The DeBoer Fellowship has concluded a lengthy international search with the hiring of its first Executive Director, Saw Myo Min Thu, known as Saw Kapi.

Board Chair Jack DeBoer said, “The DeBoer Fellowship focuses on one country – Myanmar.  It exists to help Myanmar’s leaders maximize their potential. We believe that Saw Kapi is the right man at the right time, with his extraordinary blend of accomplishment, intelligence, and integrity.”

Saw Kapi was born in Kyaukkyi, Myanmar, and earned a BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University and an MA in Development Economics from Williams College.

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