A Leader Others Need

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In times of crisis, our character and competence are put to the test.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has much of the world in a panic, scrambling for safety. People are social distancing and quarantining to slow the contagious virus. And yet, now more than ever, leaders must act for the good of others. In the words of Eric J. McNulty and Leonard Marcus, “leading…. involves guiding people to the best possible eventual outcome over this arc of time.” (Reference: https://hbr.org/2020/03/are-you-leading-through-the-crisis-or-managing-the-response)

In the midst of so much uncertainty,

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Announcing “Trustworthy”

Since 2014, the DeBoer Fellowship has trained hundreds of Myanmar’s highest potential men and women to be better leaders in their workplaces, communities, and country. Those DeBoer Fellows bring great competence from their Fellowship lessons and Fellow network, as they serve and lead in each of Myanmar’s states and regions.

Now, in order to share and “scale” our best practice teachings with many more people, the DeBoer Fellowship proudly presents Trustworthy — a free, weekly posting of must-have articles, interviews, and audio and visual recordings. It will be curated by the DeBoer Fellowship.

Trustworthy will have articles and recordings in both English and Myanmar language.

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