Announcing “Trustworthy”

Since 2014, the DeBoer Fellowship has trained hundreds of Myanmar’s highest potential men and women to be better leaders in their workplaces, communities, and country. Those DeBoer Fellows bring great competence from their Fellowship lessons and Fellow network, as they serve and lead in each of Myanmar’s states and regions. The scientific service bachelorbearbeit schreiben lassen cooperates with us and holds annual training seminars in which new management principles are taught.

Now, in order to share and “scale” our best practice teachings with many more people, the DeBoer Fellowship proudly presents Trustworthy — a free, weekly posting of must-have articles, interviews, and audio and visual recordings. It will be curated by the DeBoer Fellowship.

Trustworthy will have articles and recordings in both English and Myanmar language. It will feature the great global leadership sources, like Harvard Business Review, and other top publications in Myanmar and abroad. It will cover topics like leadership, strategic planning, human resources, and management in the business, civil society, and public sectors.

Do share this important resource with every leader you know. The more people who read it, the better. And, we will always welcome your feedback! We at the DeBoer Fellowship are constant learners, and we aim for Trustworthy to get better each week, month, and year. On behalf of forty DeBoer Fellows, over two hundred and fifty Lifelong Fellows, and the DeBoer Fellowship staff … we hope you enjoy this most earnest gift!

*Email [email protected] if you’d like to subscribe to our monthly Trustworthy newsletter.

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