DeBoer Fellowship Announces Its New Innovative Plan

YANGON, Myanmar, June 5, 2020

From 2014 until 2020, the DeBoer Fellowship has offered a one-year “Core” class for Myanmar’s mid-career leaders.  We have been gratified to see the program so enthusiastically received by over 250 remarkable Fellows.  We also want them to become the greatest leaders they can be, so the DeBoer Fellowship has decided to offer more advanced training.

The DeBoer Fellowship is committed to continual improvement.  We are excited about the following innovations.

  • We will launch a “Legacy” class in early 2021 – All DeBoer Fellows of 2019 or earlier will be eligible to apply to become “Legacy Fellows.”  If selected, they will engage in a serious, rigorous year of advanced leadership training.  This will consist of classes and many assignments, both in person and online.  The application period for the first Legacy Class will begin in November 2020.
  • There will be no new “Core” class in 2021 – 2021 will be dedicated to completing the 2020 Core Fellows’ experience, which was interrupted by COVID-19.  We will also use 2021 to engage and develop the network of remarkable DeBoer Lifelong Fellows.  They are, after all, the DeBoer Fellowship’s key asset in Myanmar.  Then, in 2022, we will launch a Core class and also a brand new “Distinguished” (3rd-year) class.
  • Fellow Event 3 for the 2020 class will be held as early as possible in 2021-We had to switch this year’s FE2 from a planned in-person event at Inle Lake to a virtual experience.  We want to ensure that our 2020 Fellows get to have a final in-person experience.  We believe that meeting in a big group in late 2020 would still be too aggressive, and would possibly risk the DeBoer Fellowship being a “hot spot.”

All of our changes have two purposes – to make DeBoer Fellows better leaders for Myanmar’s sake, and to serve our Fellows better.  We are confident that these improvements will cement the DeBoer Fellowship’s position as the premier leadership development program in Myanmar.

About DeBoer Fellowship
The DeBoer Fellowship develops change leaders across all sectors of Myanmar society. Through a multi-year training class and additional public programs, the DeBoer Fellowship serves Myanmar by helping to grow competent, compassionate, and ethical leaders. For more information about DeBoer Fellowship or to apply for the Fellowship, please visit:

4 responses to “DeBoer Fellowship Announces Its New Innovative Plan”

  1. Marilyn DeBoer says:

    This is a huge undertaking and challenge, not only “thinking out of the box”, but also filling a need expressed by Fellows for more education and guidance in leadership. Very exciting !

  2. Tint Lwin Myo says:

    I want to be a good fellow in environments such as socioeconomic and social development sectors, so I would like to learn from the DeBoer Fellowship programs.

  3. Tint Lwin Myo says:

    I want to be studied the socioeconomic and social development.

  4. Rody says:

    I want to apply Deboer fellowship, 2021. I cancelled 2020 application beacause of giving birth to my son on Nov. 9, 2019. Would there be any chance for me to join the fellowship?

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