DeBoer Fellowship Dean To Move To Canada

In 2014, Jack and Marilyn DeBoer and Fritz Kling wondered how they might make a big difference in Myanmar – a country where they had long been involved and was rapidly changing. They created the DeBoer Fellowship to create a vibrant network of diverse, talented, mid-career leaders from around Myanmar, and to train them in international best practices.

Since then, 229 DeBoer Fellows have completed the Core year. They are now deeply connected with each other as Lifelong Fellows, and almost 80% of them remain involved with each other and the Fellowship.  Throughout Myanmar, they are known as progressive and ethical leaders who put others and their country first. And the DeBoer Fellowship is known as a one-of-a-kind organization with expertise in leadership and respect for all.

The DeBoer Fellowship strives for stability and longevity in its executive team, and a key leader is relocating but will remain in his role. After nineteen years in Southeast Asia, Peter Dove will move back to his home country of Canada for a period of two years beginning in early August. But, the DeBoer Fellowship has announced, Dove will continue as the program’s Dean. He expects to make at least three or four week-long trips to Myanmar every year. He will teach courses and MC Fellow Events. He will stay in touch with Fellows and Lifelong Fellows via email, Facebook, and Zoom.

The DeBoer Foundation’s President, Fritz Kling, noted:

“We are in a season of focused, strategic changes. Creating transformational leaders requires much depth and time, so in 2021 the DeBoer Fellowship will introduce two additional years of advanced leadership studies, for Fellows who qualify and choose to continue. All of these changes reflect the DeBoer Fellowship’s commitment to providing the best and most relevant leadership training to Myanmar’s great young leaders.”

About DeBoer Fellowship
The DeBoer Fellowship develops change leaders across all sectors of Myanmar society. Through a multi-year training class and additional public programs, the DeBoer Fellowship serves Myanmar by helping to grow competent, compassionate, and ethical leaders. For more information about DeBoer Fellowship or to apply for the Fellowship, please visit:

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  1. Aung Kyaw Swar says:

    It was such a great honor to have met and known Peter through DeBoer Fellowship, I wish for all the success and beautiful time with family and business in Canada. See you three times in Myanmar :).

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