Podcast Ep. 2 – Perseverance: Set big goals and stick to them (ft. Jack DeBoer)

In this episode, Kyaw Wai Yar Soe, Associate Director of DeBoer Fellowship and podcast host, interviews Mr. Jack DeBoer, CEO of WaterWalk and Founder of DeBoer Foundation, about the importance for leaders to have both vision and perseverance. In his beloved storytelling fashion, Mr. DeBoer shares with our Myanmar leaders how setting your mind on what is important, no matter how unusual, can lead to impactful results.

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3 responses to “Podcast Ep. 2 – Perseverance: Set big goals and stick to them (ft. Jack DeBoer)”

  1. E Pleeth Baung says:

    Great to hear

  2. Khin Lapyae Wom says:

    Dear Jack & Marylin!
    How are you and very nice to hear your sound.
    I am so inspired your leadership style and help to my countries’ leader continuous development.We are trying do together our society and environment. We would like to say thanks a lot and never forget our legacy where learn from DeBoer Fellowship program.
    #Together We Can
    #Go Do Good
    #Here we learn and there we go
    Hope all the best and want to see you and your wife again.

    Best Wishes,
    Khin Lapyae Wom (DFLLF)

  3. Peter Dove says:

    Great interview. Amazing story and real life application, Thanks Jack and Kyaw Wai Yar Soe.

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