Spotlight Series: Kay Thwe Tin Win

“Once we learn to reframe how we see the crisis, we are capable of turning it into opportunity.” – Kay Thwe Tin Win

I have always been eager to learn about Luxury Brand Management. I wanted to work for a multi-national company where I could experience a diverse work environment and work with professionals from whom I could learn. I started working for BMW six years ago. I have been a fan of the brand for a long time. As one of the world’s leading premium car brands, I am excited to be a part of bringing its products and services to Myanmar. At work, I am often pushed to take on new and challenging opportunities.  Tasks assigned to me are personally challenging and also align with my career goals.

I am motivated by learning new things, helping others, and empowering people. It gives me a sense of confidence when I can be of help to those in need. I enjoy leading and working alongside leaders and am satisfied at work as part of a successful professional team.

As a company, we are market-oriented but we are also customer-centric. I observe market trends, measure the effects of our brand’s activities and results, understand customers’ needs and wants, discover insights, and track our competitors’ activities.

During my six years of work experience at the company, I’ve worked as a certified Customer Relations Management and a Marketing Manager of BMW Group. With this advanced skill-set and in-depth technical knowledge, I’m able to provide higher levels of service and productivity which in turn gives our business a competitive advantage.

An excessive workload and leading a new and inexperienced team have been some of the most challenging aspects of my job. However, in thinking about challenges, I reflect on one of my favorite quotes from Albert Einstein. He said, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

A crisis can arise anywhere, anytime, for countless reasons. We often focus on negative aspects of these situations. However, when we learn to reframe on how we see the crisis, we are able to turn it into an opportunity. We need to simply acknowledge and accept the situation for what it is and focus all our energy on getting things right.

Kay Thwe Tin Win is a ’18 DeBoer Fellow. She is a Marketing Manager of Prestige Automobiles Co., Ltd., an authorized BMW importer and dealer in Myanmar.

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2 responses to “Spotlight Series: Kay Thwe Tin Win”

  1. Absolutely, we can accept New Normal and change business trend.
    We can survive ourself and still search opportunities.

  2. Moe Thu says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and especially your thought on seeing the crisis and turn it into opportunity. Thank you once again and praying for your brighter future.

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