Five Tips for Providing Feedback to Remote Employees

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Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world has seen unparalleled rates of remote working for many different industries. It is essential that companies adapt in order to remain viable in the market. Yet, managers and employers must also adapt their behavior for the new normal.

This Forbes Magazine article, “Five Tips for Providing Feedback to Remote Employees,” by Chuck Ainsworth explores five essential practices for managers and organizational leaders to provide feedback virtually. In order to “provide challenge and support in a way that will enhance psychological safety,

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Great Leaders are Great Decision-Makers

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Great leaders learn to “balance emotion with reason to make decisions that positively impact themselves, their employees, their customers…and their organizations.” Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business Review in “Great Leaders Are Great Decision-Makers” cites three qualities that leaders must develop in order to make effective decisions:

  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Emotional self-control and decision-making; and,
  • Reigning in emotions for strategic decisions.

[See “Leadership in a crisis” for more on this process.]

Emotional intelligence

It is crucial for leaders to develop the quality of emotional intelligence.

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Podcast Ep. 1 – Vision, Values, and Versatility

Listen to our first episode in the TRUSTWORTHY leadership podcast by DeBoer Fellowship. Through this podcast, we bring a collection of experts who share best practices and practical tools to help you become a more effective leader. We focus our insights for leaders in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. This is Trustworthy. This is your reliable source on leadership.

We are in a rare time in human history. With so much change and uncertainty, leaders like you must be equipped with the best leadership practices to use within your organizations and communities. On this episode, our host brings to you key insights on vision,

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