How to manage for collective creativity, Linda Hill [TED]

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Dr. Linda A. Hill, business professor at Harvard Business School, reveals how organizations with effective leadership can generate group creativity in this TEDxCambridge Talk, “How to manage for collective creativity.” Through years of research and analysis on innovative leadership, she uncovers unexpected results of what it takes to lead organizational innovation.

If we want to build organizations that are consistently innovative, Dr. Hill says we must practice new approaches to leadership.

There is rarely one person responsible for widespread innovation.

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Podcast Ep. 5 – In Pursuit of a Passion တိုးတက်အောင်မြင်စေရေးအတွက် မိမိစိတ်အားထက်သန်ရာကို ရှာဖွေလုပ်ဆောင်ခြင်း (with Clara Tang)

A purposeful life is when a person strives to pursue his or her passion, achieve growth, and contribute to his or her community. It is challenging to keep motivating oneself to continuously move forward, no matter life’s circumstances. Clara Tang, former Executive Director of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, shares how she perseveres and pursues her passion for learning in the midst of challenges.

Throughout this podcast, we bring a collection of experts who share best practices and practical tools to help you become a more effective leader. We focus our insights for leaders in Myanmar.

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Summary of Successfully Transitioning To New Leadership Roles (McKinsey)

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McKinsey senior partners and authors Scott Keller and Mary Meaney offer valuable tips about leadership transitions, how organizations can support new executives, and what new leaders can do to flourish in their role. Executive transitions are risky. They can determine the direction and success of the entire organization.

New leaders receive limited support
New leaders often face incredible difficulty and limited help from their organizations. According to McKinsey, only “32% of…global leaders…feel that their organizations appropriately support new leaders.”

The most frequent attempts at assisting new executives – appointing mentors or informal networks for the leader and employing standard orientation programs – are consistently reported as ineffective by these leaders.

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How to Spot an Incompetent Leader (Summary from Harvard Business Review)

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“Culture, whether good or bad, is just the product of the values and behaviors of our leaders,” writes Harvard Business Review (HBR) author Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic.

Toxic organizational culture does not happen immediately. It is often the result of the quality of the company’s leadership team and repeated behaviors over time. We recommend this article summary of HBR’s, “How To Spot an Incompetent Leader.” In it, Chamorro-Premuzic offers ways to identify incompetent leaders who contribute to toxic culture;

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Grassroots-oriented leader and community mobilizer Sai Sam Phoon Seng played an important role in the most recent election campaign for Shan Nationalities League for Democracy, where he serves as its International Secretary. Sai Sam is also a 2015 DeBoer Fellow and has been deeply invested in his communities for years. The following is an excerpt from our interview with him.

DeBoer Fellowship (DF) staff: Why are you in this field of work?
Sai Sam: I was born into a family that inspired me to be intrigued in politics and political work that benefits the community.

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